How To Have Great Postpartum Sex

Sex after pregnancy is really the last thing on any lady’s mind. This is as a result of many different issues; soreness in the vagina, keeping odd hours with a new baby, and just not feeling sexy. Postpartum sex can be a bit of a learning curve.

The pain may be caused by several factors. To begin with, in some cases doctors place a stitch in the space between your anus and vagina which may have torn during childbirth. This causes the vagina to have a smaller opening which may cause a lot of pain during sex. However, in cases where those stitches were not placed pain may come as a result of frequent pain in the scar tissues. This may in turn cause the vagina muscles to tense during intercourse, hence the pain.

Childbirth may lead to low libido, hence reduced hormonal levels, which in turn reduces your sex drive. You may experience the reduction of hormones, which can lead to a dry vagina. This leads to painful sex since there’s a lot of friction experienced during intercourse. Notably, delivery through C-Section can also cause pain. This is because during C-Section delivery scars grow in the layers beneath, such as the bladder. This may cause pain in the lower regions and thus in turn, cause painful sex.

However, apart from the physiological challenges you may be distracted about waking up the baby during sex. During such cases, the pelvic floor may become tensed and narrow the anus and vagina. This is an automatic response by the body to protect your reproductive parts in cases of danger. This however, does not mean you shouldn’t engage in intercourse after childbirth. Arguably, there’s no way to run away from the pain. The only solution is learning how to ease the pain. First and foremost, wait for your doctor to tell you when it’s good to have it. Do not be your own practitioner failure to which it may lead to vaginal infection. Once you are given the go-ahead, lubricate your vagina. This is used in cases where natural wetness cannot be achieved as a result of low libido due to breastfeeding. It helps reduce the pain during sex.

Experts highly recommend taking it slow to bring comfort so that the vagina may be lubricated. You may start with cuddling and kissing. Slowly by slowly build this intense pleasure. During intercourse, you may try different positions until you achieve the position to reduce pressure on the sore areas.

Lastly, sex after childbirth may feel different. This is because of the loose pelvic floor muscles. You may have fears that you partner is not getting satisfied by postpartum sex. Moreover, your partner may have fears. It’s important that you keep in constant communication with your partner during such times.

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